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The Cuisine 2M team

CUISINES 2M was created a few years ago when two friends with experience in the kitchen industry decided to combine their expertise and start their own company.

Mathieu Miron and Francis Martin embody the entrepreneurial spirit! They started the company with the intention of providing the best cabinets and countertops to their clients. They are fully committed to every project they work on and are proud of the quality of their products for the past 5 years.

The company is in full growth and has a team of experienced cabinetmakers, fitters, renovators and designers. Mr. Miron and Mr. Martin handle various responsibilities within the company and they will be delighted to share their expertise with you. Come to say Hi. You’ll see their passionate they are!


APCHQ : A15-14476 / RBQ : 5681-1318-01

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